Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Like Nietzsche...

Today's phase of self-discovery relates to my traits or personality type. There are lots of these personality tests and quite a bit of literature on the subject.

First of all, I did a quick and dirty little Meyers-Briggs test online (pretty sure this is not the official version). According to this test, I am an INTJ or, what calls a "Mastermind". (It sounds wicked cool, but they've all got good names like that. Except for maybe the "Supervisor" -- that doesn't sound very cool). Anyway, my I, T, and J are all fairly strong. The N is mild (which makes me a borderline "Inspector").

Now, I will say this -- from what I can tell, INTJs are relatively rare (<<1% of the population) and yet a relatively large number of Product Managers are INTJs (see my previous post about personality disorders). In my previous company, all four of us on the PM team were INTJs. Either this is quite the statistical anomaly or there's something to this personality-driven career path thing.