Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birkman Says...

Yesterday, I probably nauseated you with my description of the Birkman Method and what it told me about my behaviors and my interests. Today my plan is to make you actually vomit with a detailed description of what jobs I should have. That is, if you keep reading.

The thing to remember is that this analysis is not based solely on my interests. It's also based on how I like to work and what kinds of behaviors I exhibit in the workplace. Generally speaking, I tend to like to work alone and uninterrupted, but as part of a larger team and toward a greater goal. I like a lot of freedom in what I choose to do next though I can adapt to pretty radical change if given enough warning. I'm pretty good with other people, though I'm not at all interested in selling to them. I like to treat others as customers (not clients) and I like to make them happy.